Hi, I am Kate!

I am a confident woman with a zest for life.  I am funny, down-to-earth and keenly intuitive. I am your friend on call with a smiling face, a listening ear and a pleasure partner with a fit body and a warm touch.  A happy to see you no-strings-attached friend.  I thrive on making new connections and behind closed doors, I am all yours.  

I am selective with the men I meet.  You must know how to treat a lady and be kind to me and the people you cross paths with.  I enjoy true connections and continued friendships. 

I am a vibrant, free-spirited woman.  I love making new connections. My friendly personality will  instantly put you at ease. I enjoy good conversations, never met a stranger and am fun to talk to.  People say they feel like they've known me forever after just meeting.  I am from the Midwest and am genuine warm and friendly.  I really love to laugh and I hope you do too!

I am 5'6" and I enjoy wearing heels. I have an athletic figure with curves in all the right places. I exercise daily and am fit and toned.  My breasts are natural 36DDs. I have long dark hair, big beautiful hazel eyes and a great smile.    

I am a wonderful dinner companion who likes to dress to impress but never to raise eyebrows. A sexy dress or an outfit that accentuates my curves, shows off my legs, or offers a peak of cleavage, but also blends with the crowd.  If privacy is important, I am always available for cocktails or a meal in your room.  If you have an outfit request, I will try to accomodate within reason.  

I believe in a private love life. What happens behind closed doors should remain a sensuous memory that is held between the two of us.  I am a low volume provider, most of my clients are regulars and I leave them happy, satisfied and looking forward our next time together.

If you would like to spend time with me, please contact me in advance.  I screen everyone before booking a date.  Board or website membership does not override my need to ensure my safety.  I book up to six months in advance, so please send me an email and fill out my screening form with as much notice as possible to ensure our time together.

I look forward to meeting you, pampering you and creating special memories with you, my new friend!





The best way to get to know me isn't by reading words on a page.  Listening is much easier and definitely more enjoyable.  You'll learn a lot more about me and get a better feel for my personality.  


I have been fortunuate enough to appear on a few of my favorite podcasts where I am interviewed about myself, my history and what it's like to be Kate. Take a listen for yourself on the podcasts below:


American Sex podcast takes a deep but humorous look at unconventional sexual expression in the United States. Featuring an eclectic mix of guests ranging from a former Surgeon General to a man happily married to a sex doll, each episode is enlightening, entertaining, and hilarious. Hosts Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg are acclaimed, internationally recognized Sexuality Educators. They’re approachable, authentic, and their lighthearted on-air chemistry is second to none.

You may find all of their podcasts here:


If you’re a client unsure about how to approach providers or are a companion yourself, Ep 113 of American Sex Podcast will answer a lot of your questions. Kate Layne tells us about how she broke into the business and why she found it so empowering. Balancing escorting with her high profile white-collar career is tricky and she discusses how advertising without showing her face has affected her business. Kate also gives helpful insight for first time clients– what acronyms like GFE really mean, why most providers don’t want to negotiate services like they are menu items, how to approach a companion online, what the client screening process is like and why it’s important, etiquette including grooming and tipping, how to negotiate with a provider if you’re on a tight budget, how Las Vegas is different than other cities for escorting & more. 



Chris Sowa traverses the globe having interesting, informative and at times hilarious conversations about sex…with strangers. 

In Episode 40, Chris talks to several sexworkers in Nevada.  If you would like to listen to the entire episode you may find it at My portion is isolated in the clip below.


Las Vegas Rates by Duration
1 hour             500
90 min             700
2 hours            900
3 hours         1,100
4 hours         1,400
6 hours         1,800
8 hours         2,000
Add Ons
Need an incall? – Add $100 (waived for 2 hours or more)
Dates starting after 11pm and before 8 am - Add $100
Same Day / Last minute dates – Add $100
Extended Dates
12 hour           3,500
24 hour           5,000
48 hour           9,000
Fly Me to You
I will fly anywhere in the United States for the cost of my booked time plus travel/lodging.  Travel fees will be determined before date is confirmed.
4 hour minimum date required for flight durations 2 hours and under. 
6 hour minimum date for flight durations that exceed 2 hours.

Compensation is for time and companionship only
Please discreetly provide the cash donation in a book or card at the beginning of our date.
Please never mention, confirm, discuss or negotiate the rate.


I post selfies and candids on social media.  If you would like to see more, make sure to visit me on Twitter,

Diary & Reviews



Since I've been Kate, I've learned a lot about people and love languages. 

According to the book, a gift says,

"He was thinking about me.  Look what he got for me."

If you show your love through gift giving this page is for you!


(Please know, a gift is never required but always appreciated.)

I LOVE to be reminded of my lovers with a thoughtful gift, and I know some of you like the thought of those reminders filling my days.

Maybe its a book I'm reading, or the bag I'm carrying, my favorite sunglasses or shoes. 

Things that come from you always bring back the memories of times we shared. 

Some of my favorite things were gifts from admirers and lovers.


My wishlists are full of things I enjoy and appreciate with items ranging from inexpensive to luxury items


If you send me a gift, please remember to include a note with your email address or social media handle so I can properly thank you!  

I always send a personalized selfie just for you!

Wishlistr Wish List - Shoes, bags and luxury items

Amazon Wish List - Books, teas, miscellaneous

Gift Cards I enjoy - Amazon, Nordstrom, Homegoods, Whole Foods

cashapp - $oneKLCK venmo oneKLCK 


36DD   |   medium panties   |   39 shoe


If you've found a gift that wasn't on my wishlist and you'd know I'd love it, send it to my PO Box:

(please do not address to Kate, use this business name)


7380 S. Eastern Ave #124-302

Las Vegas, NV 89123






Be respectful. It goes without saying, but...treat me as you would like to be treated and I will treat you as a valued client.

Contacting me. Email is my preferred method of contact.  Please send me your screening information FIRST before sending me scheduling inquiries.  This lets me know that you are serious about wanting to see me.  Please avoid the use of vulgar, explicit language or anything pertaining to illegal acts.  Failure to observe this request will terminate any conversation. I do not condone or promote any illegal activity of any kind.  I will provide a phone number to be used for coordination purposes as our date approaches.  

Screening.  Screening is imperative, I make no exceptions to my screening process.  My verification is simple and non-obtrusive.  I need to ensure my safety so we can each enjoy our time together without any reservations.  I use this information only to verify that I will be safe with you.  If you do not have industry references I will ask you for more information.  This may include personal ID, work phone, business card, work email address, company phone number, LinkedIn profile.  If you include this info with your initial contact, I will likely think you are a respectful gentleman that I want to see.

Deposits and Payments.  New clients will be asked for a small deposit to be put on my calendar.  It will be applied to your donation.  If you cancel before the 48 hour cancelation policy begins, 100% will be returned.  I will give you multiple easy ways to submit payment to me.   

Donations. My consideration is non-negotiable.  It should never be discussed with me. Donations should be left on the counter to your bathroom or a conspicuous area near the door of your room.  I will collect it and excuse myself to verify it's correct in private at the start of our date.  If we meet in public, please have the donation in a book, magazine or gift bag which you hand to me at the start of our date.  Tips, gifts and parking/valet fees are not required, but always appreciated.  

Punctuality. Please let me know if you will be running late or need to cancel.  I understand things happen, after all, life is life, but I need to know as soon as possible.  I will always do the same, although it is a very rare occasion that I will be late for an appointment.  If you need to cancel please respect my cancelation policy below.

Personal hygiene.  I am always immaculately groomed and freshly showered.  I expect the same in return.  This is of primary importance to me. Have a shower before the appointment.  Wash twice! Any place you may want me to explore should be impeccably clean.  Should it be necessary to shower during our time together, I may even join you.

Phones.  I prefer that your phone is put away during our time together so that we can completely focus on each other.  Speaking of phones, I do not permit photography or recording of any kind during our date.

Drug Use. I do not tolerate heavy/illicit drug or large amounts of alcohol use before or during our time together.  A few cocktails are totally ok.  I am 420 friendly.  I do not use or condone any other type of drug usage before or during our date.  If you are a tobacco smoker, it will not prevent me from seeing you, please just note it on your booking request.

Cancelations. While I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that prevent you from keeping our date together, I need to know as soon as possible to so that I can open my schedule.

  • Less than 48 hours notice:  50% of the original booking fee.
  • Within 24 hours of appointment: 100% of booking fee. 
    • HALF of each collected booking fee can be applied towards a future booking together as long as that future appointment is within 3 months of the cancelled appointment.
    • While I use reporting sites sparingly and only for the most egregious of offenses, cancelling without paying the fee will force me to add you to those lists. 

Discretion is paramount:  I will never call, text you (other than to coordinate our plans) or approach you in public.  While I love to talk and learn about you, I will never pry.  I will never come to a date dressed in a way that would draw attention to myself or you, unless you have a specific outfit or "look" request.  I expect the same courtesy from you.  Should you happen to see me out, I would prefer you don't approach me, or address me as "Kate."


The best way to contact me is to email me.  Introduce yourself and tell me about you.  I can't wait to hear from you!

I'm ready to book
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