My Birthday is March 9  

If you would like to surprise me with a gift, here are some of the things I like. 


Gifts and Favorite Things


I absolutely love gifts and surprises!  What lady doesn't?  No matter how much I enjoy a good surprise, a gift, much like a gratuity, is never required but always super appreciated.  If you would like to surprise me on our date or at any time throughout the year I enjoy:  uncorked wine, lingerie, shoes, jewelry, organic teas and giftcards.  My Amazon wishlist is full of things I enjoy and appreciate with items priced as low as $5 and the items are shipped directly to me!  Giftcards are also appreciated throughout any time of the year.  My birth month is March and I like to celebrate the whole month!  If you do send me a gift, please remember to include a note so that I know who to thank!  If you are purchasing a giftcard to be used for deposit purposes please make sure to check with me first.


Amazon Wish List

Anything on my wishlist 

can be sent directly to me

from Amazon.

Honey Birdette Lingerie


Size Medium Panties


Agent Provocateur.com


Size Medium Panties


Victoria's Secret


Size Medium Panties


Carnival Cruise Line

I love cruises and have

one in the works for this year!



Help make all of my

traveling wishes come true!



I love to shop!

Find me at the Rack!




Whole Foods

A girl's gotta eat!

I try to keep things

healthy & organic


Christian Louboutin

Red Bottoms

My favorite!

size 39


 Jimmy Choo

Sexy Choos!

Size 39




You can never

have too many bags!


Michael Kors

More Bags, Yay!



Louis Vuitton

Buy me my first!





Sauvignon Blanc

Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet




Dolce and Gabbana

Light Blue



Roberto Coin

I have a few

peices and would

love to add more!



I love yellow gold

and silver.


Love Boutique

My wishlist of

Erotic Toys