All rates shown are for your Las Vegas or Henderson location.

Kate's Preferences  I prefer you to make arrangements well in advance so that I can be sure to screen you and see you!  Although not required, I encourage at least a 90 minute package for our first date, so that we can relax, unwind, get to know each other and fully enjoy ourselves.

Same-Day Appointments  It's Vegas, I get it, some of the best trips had are those without structured plans! I do prefer advanced notice, however, I am happy and honored to see you, even with short notice.  But please, send me a message with ALL of your information (use my screening form here) and give me adaquate time for verification and to make myself gorgeous for you!  I prefer you send in a screening form before shooting me a message, it helps me know that you legitametly want to see me, and I will work to make that happen.  A random message to me means you're just testing the waters.  

Incall  Traveling with friends or the spouse and need an incall?  Not an issue! Please note,  I do not have a regular incall location available for first visit use.  I don't mind securing a room for our tryst on or near the strip.  A 90 minute minimum, a small deposit and additional fee of $100 is required.  Regular valued and trusted friends are welcome into my space after we have formed a relationship. 

Fly Me to You  Can't meet me in Vegas?  Fly me to you!  Whether you are stuck at home or stuck on a business trip, order yourself up some Kate!  I am available for both domestic and international travel with a few days notice.  Rates are the same as a Las Vegas date, with a four hour minimum.  My travel fees and 50% deposit are required up front.  The gentleman is responsible for my airfare, transportation fees, lodging and any other expenses as part of our adventure.  If something should happen where you need to cancel, the travel arrangements that I have made are non-refundable.  Any specials that I may currently be offering do not apply to FMTY dates.  Ask me for details.

Tours  I am not a huge fan of touring so they are very rare.  I prefer to see only one gentleman per day, therefore it just doesn't make financial sense for me to tour.  If you would like to see me in your city, the best way is to book a date and fly me to you.  On the rare occasion I decide to do a tour, I will announce on Twitter and in my newsletter so make sure to subscribe and/or follow me.

Extensions OUR TIME IS SPECIAL.  A time where we focus just on you -- you will never feel rushed.  However, please respect my time and stick to the agreed upon duration.  If you would like to extend our date, please just ask and I will try to accomodate.  You must present the additional donation before our scheduled time is up. 

Tailor-made packages  Looking for something that just doesn't quite fit the mold?  Well, you've already found her!  Let's just work together to make a package tailor-made for you!  I'm all about making things work.  So whether you are looking for a travel partner, a sexy wake up call, a long-term arrangement, or even an exclusive arrangement tell me what you would like and let's work out a plan to make that happen.  Please note:  I do not entertain offers of dates or friendship without compensation.

Alternate Adventures  While I provide girlfriend experiences, I often enjoy trips that are a bit more risque.  I do not speak Greek, but am open to other adventures.  If you wish to share a taboo please add $200.





**Daytime Specials**

Deduct $100 off dates between one and two hour dates ending before 4pm (Monday-Friday only)

Deduct $200 off dates between three and six hour dates ending before 4pm (Monday-Friday only)

Length Service Details
$200 USD 1hr Outcalls Meet & Greet only- no private time
$500 USD 1hr Outcalls Secret Tryst
$650 USD 90min Outcalls Getting Acquainted
$800 USD 2hrs Outcalls Friendly Meeting
$1000 USD 3hrs Outcalls Cocktails & private time
$1200 USD 4hrs Outcalls Lunch, dinner & private time
$1400 USD 6hrs Outcalls Show, gambling & private time
$2800 USD 12hrs Outcalls Dinner to Breakfast
$4000 USD 24hrs Outcalls 24 hours to spend together