Welcome to my site, I am Kate Layne.

I love to laugh, smile, joke, talk and just have fun. You will find my personality refreshing because I am straighforward, honest, genuine, funny quick-witted and positive.

I'm an adventurous, open-minded and sunsual, mature (late 30's) lady. I am sure you will not be disappointed with the time we spend together.

I am am 100% me when we are together.  I am not an actress, I make genuine strong connections with the men I choose to see.

Even though my face is blurred, I can assure you this is only due to respect and discretion for my career and family.  I love what I do  and I am confident you will too!  However, I have people I love, care and respect that just wouldn't understand this side of my life.  I do this to protect them.    I have a very beautiful face and perfect smile so don't worry..... I truly deliver in looks!