Since I've been Kate, I've learned a lot about people and love languages. 

According to the book, a gift says,

"He was thinking about me.  Look what he got for me."

If you show your love through gift giving this page is for you!


(Please know, a gift is never required but always appreciated.)

I LOVE to be reminded of my lovers with a thoughtful gift, and I know some of you like the thought of those reminders filling my days.

Maybe its a book I'm reading, or the bag I'm carrying, my favorite sunglasses or shoes. 

Things that come from you always bring back the memories of times we shared. 

Some of my favorite things were gifts from admirers and lovers.


My wishlists are full of things I enjoy and appreciate with items ranging from inexpensive to luxury items


If you send me a gift, please remember to include a note with your email address or social media handle so I can properly thank you!  

I always send a personalized selfie just for you!

Wishlistr Wish List - Shoes, bags and luxury items

Amazon Wish List - Books, teas, miscellaneous

Gift Cards I enjoy - Amazon, Nordstrom, Homegoods, Whole Foods

cashapp - $oneKLCK venmo oneKLCK 


36DD   |   medium panties   |   39 shoe


If you've found a gift that wasn't on my wishlist and you'd know I'd love it, send it to my PO Box:

(please do not address to Kate, use this business name)


7380 S. Eastern Ave #124-302

Las Vegas, NV 89123