If you are reading this page, it's unlikely that you need it.  But I think you will find the information useful.

Be respectful. It goes without saying, but...treat me as you would like to be treated and I will treat you as a valued client.

Contacting me. I only use email for initial contact.  Unless my calendar says I'm out of town, I can likely accomodate you, so please send me your screening information FIRST before sending me scheduling inquiries.  This lets me know that you are serious about wanting to see me.  Please avoid the use of vulgar, explicit language or anything pertaining to illegal acts. I am very good at discerning the needs and wants of my clients. Failure to observe this request will terminate any email exchange or conversation. I do not condone or promote any illegal activity of any kind.  I will provide a phone number to be used for coordination purposes as our date approaches.  I don't enjoy phone calls or texting, so please keep it minimal. 

Screening.  I make no exceptions to my screening process.  My verification is simple and meant to be non-obtrusive.  Screening is imperative so that I can ensure my safety and so that we can both enjoy our time together without any reservations.  I use this information only to verify that I will be safe with you behind closed doors.  If you do not have industry references I may ask you for more information.  This may include personal ID, work phone, business card, work email address, company phone number, linked in profile.  If you include these things without me asking, I will likely think you are a respectful, gentlemanly man that I'll want to see.

Personal hygiene.  I am always immaculately groomed and freshly showered for every booking.  I expect the same in return.  This is of primary importance to me. Have a shower before the appointment.  Wash twice. (Seriously, especially down there - wash three times!) Any place you may want me to explore should be impeccably clean.  Should it be necessary to shower during our time together, I may even join you.

Punctuality. Please let me know if you will be running late or need to cancel.  I understand things happen, after all, life is life, but I need to know as soon as possible.  I will always do the same although it is a very rare occasion that I will be late for an appointment.

Donations. My consideration is non-negotiable.  Please respect that. Payment should be made as soon as you arrive, and  should never be discussed with me. Tips, gifts and parking/valet fees are not required, but always super appreciated. Please have the donation in an open unmarked envelope and have it in a conspicuous place near the door of your room.  If we meet in public, please have the donation in a book, magazine or gift bag which you hand to me at the start of our date.

Phones.  I prefer that your phone is put away during our time together so that we can completely focus on each other.  Speaking of phones, I do not permit photography or recording of any kind during our date.

Drug Use. I do not tolerate heavy/illicit drug or large amounts of alcohol use before or during our time together.  A cocktail or two or some cannabis use is ok with me.  Even though Nevada is a now a legal cannabis state, I have my medical card and did before recreation became legal.  I do not use or condone any other type of drug usage either before or during our date.  I am not a huge fan of smoking, but I don't want that to come between what could otherwise be a great time together, so please give me a heads up that you are a smoker on your booking form.  It will not prevent me from seeing you - I just want to be prepared.

Cancellations. While I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that prevent you from keeping our date together, I need to know as soon as possible to so that I can open my schedule.

  • Less than 48 hours notice:  50% of the original booking fee.
  • Within 24 hours of appointment: 100% of booking fee. 
    • HALF of each collected booking fee can be applied towards a future booking together as long as that future appointment is within 3 months of the cancelled appointment.
    • While I use reporting sites sparingly and only for the most egregious of offenses, cancelling without paying the fee will force me to add you to those lists. 

Texting.  Please don't take it personally that I prefer not to text. I wear a lot of hats in my life and I can't be interrupted for inquiries or incessant chat while I am concentrating on another facet of my life. I monitor my email very regularly and you will receive a quick reply. For booking requests and questions email me (but I prefer you screen FIRST - it makes me feel like you are a serious suitor)  If we have a scheduled appointment, I will share my phone number for coordination purposes

Discretion is paramount:  I will never call, text you (other than to coordinate our plans) or approach you in public.  While I love to talk and learn about you, I will never pry.  I will never come to a date dressed in a way that would draw attention to myself or you, unless you have a specific outfit or "look" request.  I expect the same courtesy from you.  Should you happen to see me out, I would prefer you don't approach me, or address me as "Kate."